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(you & me that is!)

How I Do Things.

I want you to do something for me. Close your eyes and imagine you and your hubs looking back at your wedding photos. What do you see? Perfectly posed bridesmaids with flawless smiles? Bridal portraits with studio lighting? Every photo prim & proper? Then I'm probably not your gal, & that's okay! Everyone needs a photographer that will meet their needs perfectly! I am all about the real moments and natural light! The laughs, the tears, the hugs & kisses! I want these photos to bring back ALL the feels EVERY TIME you see them! So- if you want to laugh and cry and remember how much you love each other when you're browsing through your gallery in 10 years.



I want to get to know you too! When I first started taking photos I noticed people who were booking usually knew me...why? You feel more comfortable around someone you know!!

And I believe the more comfortable you feel the better experience you will have!!

So let's meet for coffee (or wine) and tell me about yourself, your wedding vision, all the good stuff! I promise you'll have a blast!

I want to make your entire experience memorable, from booking me to when I deliver your images!!


In the chaos of things I know it can get easy to just look at price tags & nothing more, but I want to take a quick second to talk about your wedding photos.

Your wedding photos are really the only thing that will last from this day. 

Your flowers will wilt, your extra spirits will be drunk, your wedding dress will go into a box, and you’ll eat that sliver of cake you save in the freezer for your first anniversary, BUT your photos will always be there. 

They become more valuable over time. 

They are the only thing you will truly have to look back on and think about how special this day was, & I want to capture that for you! I want to get all the teeny tiny details and the imperfect moments. 

I want to photograph you exactly how you are and your love exactly the way it is!

(aka, if you don't sit prim and proper with your hand perfectly placed with Stepford wives smiles,

I'm not going to photograph you like that :)

I’ll get your classic family portraits and your wedding party photos, but my main focus is to capture this day as it is, romantic, down-to-earth, and classic,

so you can always look back and be reminded of your real true love. 

Not EVERYONE wants the same things that are offered in Package A, B, & C. So I don't price that way!

I give custom quotes to my clients based off their wants and needs from me!

I'll ask you some questions and we will figure out a perfect solution for your wedding day!



Starting at $1800 


Second Shooter

Starting at $500



Starting at $350



Starting at $400


Hell yes.

My goal is to travel the world, and if photographing my beautiful couples and their love stories is part of that it is seriously a dream come true.

I've been to 8 countries & 21 states!

I would love to travel with you & I give big discounts for certain places, so click the button below and we can talk details!

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